Program IGS 2018

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International Grouse Symposium 2018
Logan, Utah, USA

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Session Overviews

Anthropogenic - Presenters will examine grouse response to effects of human-caused disturbance and development. Topics will include, but are not limited to, habitat use of species such as black grouse, greater prairie-chicken, and greater sage-grouse in association with human activities; e.g., prescribed fire, energy development, and predator management.

Management - This session will explore issues relative to conservation and management actions on grouse populations and their habitat. Species such as sharp-tailed grouse, black grouse, willow ptarmigan, capercaillie, and others will be included. Presenters will cover a wide range of management approaches including tree removal, translocation, supplementation with pen-raised grouse, livestock grazing, hunting and predator control.

Resource Selection - This topic is quickly becoming a popular approach to data analysis with telemetry and other studies for grouse species. Topics of habitat selection, occupancy, landscape configuration, movement, and lekking will be presented. Species from white-tailed ptarmigan to dusky grouse will be addressed.

Population Dynamics - Presenters will provide information from studies that model grouse vital rates, demography, and population processes. The impacts of various life stages on population change will be addressed. Species such as capercaillie and black grouse, to greater sage-grouse and prairie-chickens will be covered. Experts from around the globe will share their research findings.

Grouse Ecology - This session will cover a broad spectrum of grouse ecology issues. Topics such as genetics, population restoration, behavioral ecology, reproduction, and disease will be included. Many species will be addressed, including Japanese rock ptarmigan, red grouse, spruce grouse, and others. This will be a very interesting session with such varied topics and species.

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