Conference Field Trip

Map with directions for conference field trips.

West Field Trip: we will head out into the Great Basin in Box Elder County, Utah. Our first stop will be at the north end of the Great Salt Lake on the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge ( The refuge is a haven for migratory waterfowl and shorebirds, along with a host of other species. We will then head west and look at Columbian sharp-tailed grouse habitat and greater sage-grouse habitat. We will see how fire and cheatgrass have interacted within the Great Basin and also witness landscape-level treatments of conifers encroaching into sagebrush habitat. This area has an ongoing sage-grouse research project since 2012 and data will be presented on sage-grouse response to management actions.

Note: If you have registered for the post-conference field trip we encourage you to sign up for the West Field Trip so you can contrast the Great Basin ecosystems seen on Thursday's field trip with Wyoming Basin ecosystems that will be seen on the post-conference field trip.

East Field Trip: we will head northeast out of Logan, up Logan Canyon. We will stop in dusky grouse and ruffed grouse habitat. An ongoing research project for forest grouse will be discussed and data presented. We will then head up to scenic Bear Lake and into Rich County. We will move into Wyoming Basin sagebrush communities and stop and look at greater sage-grouse habitat. We will then move towards Deseret Land and Livestock, a large private ranch which has implemented various management techniques for livestock and wildlife, including sage-grouse. The sage-grouse population here also has an ongoing research project and data will be presented.

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